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This site is created by Mohan Kumar - Mtech Student from VIT.

Job Sites

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1. Where do we get the details about companies and details? (Bangalore companies) (Chennai companies) (top 200 IT companies) (Employment search engine for India)

2. Company question paper sites

3. Contains more of Infosys Qps's%20Web%20Links.html (By Yeshwant kanetkar)

4. Technical document sites, c++, vc++ AND .NET) (All) (All) (All) (All) (C++) (C++) (All) (OS) (OS) (Windows) (Data Structure) (Testing) (Pointers) (very good site) (Java) (All) (Java) (All) (All) (Java, good one) (Win socket) (good one) and UNIX) (All) (All) (All, Very good one) (All) (Java) (Java) (Java) and C++) (excellent)

5. Puzzle sites

6. URLs of JOBS ONLY! (Check these jobs sites regularly!) (R) (R) (R) (R) (?) (?) (R-emailid=userid) (R- emailed=userid) (A division of Monster - Abroad)

For many more job sites You can download this document: Download
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